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Technology, Multimedia & Telecommunications

Technology, Multimedia & Telecommunications
As technology evolves, information technology, communication and multimedia laws and regulations change in tandem.

New ways of communication and the introduction of new technology are constantly developing. Parallel to these exciting developments, new communications and multimedia-related laws have emerged in areas such as data protection to cope with concerns over privacy and piracy.

As technology, multimedia and telecommunications have a growing impact in many areas, we provide intellectual property solutions and legal support services for the development and licensing of technology, multimedia and telecommunications. Clients seek our expertise to combine industry expertise with strategic intellectual property solutions to come up with a strong intellectual property protection for their respective industries. We advise and support clients on a wide spectrum of licensing and regulatory approvals from a broad range of industries ranging from amongst others, banking, computer, electronics, education, maritime, pharmaceutical and telecommunications. As active maintenance and renewal of licenses affects cost management, we also offer ongoing maintenance and renewal services for clients.

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