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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property
We offer comprehensive services to cover the needs of intellectual property and technology owners. We take on the work and responsibilities entrusted to us with full commitment backed by in-depth knowledge and specialised skills honed from years of experience practising in this field.

Our areas of practice

Patent, Industrial Design and Trade Mark Prosecution and Registration
If it’s worth copying, it’s worth protecting and protection often starts with registration. We recognise that effective protection of our clients’ intellectual property rights means more than just obtaining registration or grant of a patent, industrial design or trade mark. It means understanding our client’s underlying business objectives and learning not only what our client wants but also why. We consider at every stage if we can advance our client’s interests by developing a less costly or more effective protection structure or by using an entirely different approach.

Copyright Protection
Through years of working closely with our clients, our lawyers have a comprehensive and thorough knowledge of the industries in which they work in. These range from music, film, multimedia and the creative arts, content production and broadcasts, book publishing, software, copyright collection societies, performance contracts, event management, production and financing.

Our detailed understanding and knowledge have enabled us to work effectively in the constantly changing landscape of businesses driven by technology and copyright protected assets.

Whether through civil or criminal provisions, we have a stellar reputation in enforcing intellectual property rights on behalf of our clients from a wide array of industries.

Equipped with an intimate knowledge of the intricacies and workings of the law and local enforcement agencies as well as our extensive experience refined through the years and supported by an intelligence network that is exclusive to us, we have been able to build a solid reputation for our ability to effectively strategise, structure and implement actions to enforce our clients’ IP rights, bringing the results desired by our clients while meeting our clients’ cost expectations.

Intellectual Property Litigation and Dispute Resolution
Our Intellectual Property litigation and dispute resolution team is amongst the elite in this field of expertise. We have acted in landmark intellectual property cases and have established a proven record of effective representation across the entire spectrum of intellectual property litigation and dispute resolution including infringement actions, passing-off and unfair competition, invalidation and rectification, domain name disputes, licensing disputes, breach of contracts involving intellectual property rights, confidential information and trade secrets.

Our lawyers have experienced at all levels of the court in Malaysia including the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court. When possible, we help our clients achieve objectives through mediation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution forum.

Transactional Intellectual Property
Our team has considerable experience – both domestic and international – in helping our clients safeguard their creative assets and business secrets. This includes working with our clients to identify, secure, exploit and maintain their valuable intellectual property assets. This also includes consulting with our clients and coming up with strategies for protecting trade secrets and confidential information through internal processes and employment-related procedures.

We have particular experience in intellectual property licensing and the negotiation of such agreements across a vast range of technological fields and industries. Our experience extends to the sale or purchase of numerous types of intellectual property as well as perfecting and transferring security interest in intellectual property.