Tay & Partners

Our Philosophy

When it comes to advocacy and counsel, our philosophy is to be critically responsive and attuned to the needs of our clients in an ever-changing, globalised environment. An unwavering passion for excellence and a spirit of innovation become the hallmarks of our team and our seal of excellence.


Our vision is to stand as worthy partners with institutions investing or operating in Malaysia. We aim to bring value to our clients with our persistent leadership and knowledge base that expands abreast with our jurisdiction.


Our primary focus has been, and always will be our clients. We strongly believe that every working relationship should be viewed as a long term partnership, thus we treat it as such. We respond to our clients’ needs through collaborating closely and being completely committed to exploring every facet of a problem to find the best solution.

Core Value

We would not have become who we are now without our core values – integrity, trust and professionalism – that we have held on to from the very conception of our practice. They have propelled us to great heights, and we are not about to slow down.

We don’t subscribe to fixed formulae. Every client relationship is unique and deserves to be nurtured on an individual level. That means not just aiming to please, but really listening, understanding and never being content until we exceed our clients’ expectations.

Tay Beng Chai
Managing Partner

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